Is a Baby's Gender Already Determined at Conception? I'll Tell You

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The other day, I received an email from a woman who thought that she might be pregnant. She wanted to know if the gender of her baby would have already been decided (if she did indeed turn out to be pregnant.)  She also wanted to know if there is anything that she could do after the fact to change or influence her baby's gender. I will address this in the following article.

Here's Why Your Baby's Gender Is Determined At Conception:  The gender of a baby is set once the sperm fertilizes the egg.  In a nutshell, the mother will always contribute or provide an X chromosome for her child.  This is set and doesn't have the ability to change.  The variable that does have the ability to change (or be manipulated) is the sperm chromosomes that the father provides (or would be implanted through in vitro fertilization.) These can either be an X or a Y.  If a Y merges with the mother's X (XY) then you would have a boy baby or a son.  If it's another X chromosome that merges with the egg (XX) then you would have a daughter or a girl baby.

This happens when the sperm fertilizes the egg - at the moment of conception.  There is no taking this back.  If you want to influence your baby's gender, then you have to take steps to do this BEFORE conception occurs.  So, if the person who sent the email turned out not to be pregnant, she could certainly take some action in the weeks before she tries to conceive again. Below, I'll tell you some things that she should address.

Variables That Determine Your Baby's Gender Before Conception Takes Place:  Remember the X and Y sperm chromosomes that we discussed above? Well, they behave differently.  The X's are longer lived than the Y's, but the Y's are also faster than the X's.  These variables help determine which has the advantage in the race to the egg.  If you want a girl, you should try to conceive before you ovulate, make your reproductive tract acidic, and use shallow sexual positions.  All of these things will be unfavorable to the Y chromosomes having a pleasant and successful trip.

Likewise, if you are trying to conceive a boy baby, you want to conceive after ovulation takes place.  You want to make your body alkaline and not acidic (meaning you want a low PH), and you want to use deeper penetration when you have intercourse to conceive. All of these things will help to balance out the short life span of the boy producing sperm.

But, all of these things must be done BEFORE you become pregnant, because once you do, your baby's gender has already been determined.  This can not be changed once it has taken place.

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Is a Baby's Gender Already Determined at Conception? I'll Tell You

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This article was published on 2010/03/28