Can You Really Control Your Baby's Gender? Or Is This An Old Wives Tale?

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I sometimes have people contact me and ask me if it's an old wive's tale or a misconception that you can control your baby's gender or whether you have a boy or a girl. The answer to this depends on which methods you plan to use, which I'll discuss more in the following article.

The truth is, you can control your baby's gender if you're using artificial means to do so. Couples using a specialty clinic that employs preimplantation genetic diagnosis (which determines the baby's gender before implantation) has very high success rates. But this process is extremely expensive and isn't going to be the answer for every couple.

I believe that you can influence your baby's gender using natural methods at home. I'm not sure that it would be totally accurate to say that you can 100% percent control your baby's gender this way, but you can definitely greatly influence it. To break this down even more, in order to have a boy baby, you need for a Y sperm chromosome to fertilize the egg. If you want a girl, you need for this sperm chromosome to be an X instead.

One of the reasons that PGD has a high success rate is that the clinic is able identify and then hand pick whether an X or Y chromosome is used. Since you can't see what's going on once the sperm is released and makes it's way toward your egg, it's difficult for you to replicate this at home. However, based on what we know about how the these different chromosomes react to their environment and the challenges that they often face, you can use this knowledge to influence which chromosomes are ultimately successful and result in a pregnancy. This in turn most definitely can influence your baby's gender.

For example, because we know that the Y (or boy producing) sperm have much shorter life spans than the X or girl producing sperm, it makes sense to wait to have intercourse until you are absolutely sure you have ovulated. This ensures that you will have as many viable and healthy Y's in the race to the egg. Following this same train of thought, knowing that the Y's are particularly vulnerable to acidic surroundings, you will want to use douches or a special diet to ensure that you are alkaline. This is one other way that you can give those Y's the best chance possible while minimizing their vulnerabilities and maximizing the advantage that they do have (which is speed.)

If you want a girl baby, the idea is the same. The X or girl producing sperm chromosomes are more hardy, but are somewhat slow. So, you'd want to have intercourse before ovulation and you'd want to make sure that you are acidic. This in turn would contribute to their being less Y's and more X's in the race for the egg, which would increase your chances for a girl.

So my answer to the question of "is it an old wive's tale that you can control whether you have a girl or a boy baby" would be no, it's not a myth if you are talking about using a clinic or invasive methods. And, while it may be asking too much to control you baby's gender using natural methods at home, it's certainly realistic to think that you could influence your baby's gender or increase your odds of having a girl or a boy baby, depending on which you want.

I've put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby's gender. You'll find: resources for douche recipes and food PH lists; step by step instructions; resources for determining ovulation times (and examples of good PH and ovulation predictors;) information on when to conceive; and support.

If you want a boy baby, check out

If you want a girl baby, check out

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Can You Really Control Your Baby's Gender? Or Is This An Old Wives Tale?

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This article was published on 2010/10/12