Baby's Gender - Should You Find Out Before Hand?

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One of the biggest decisions that an expecting couple will make is whether or not to find out their baby's gender before the delivery. This topic can actually get quite heated when discussed between mothers. It seems everyone has a strong opinion and feels that their way is the right way and there are no exceptions.

The most common advice that expecting moms will hear is, "don't find out, you want to be surprised don't you?" The knowledge of an unborn baby's gender has even been referred to as "life's last big surprise." It may seem silly to go through forty weeks of anticipation, when a physician can share the news with very little effort. However the truth is, not knowing can do wonders for a new mom while in the delivery room. Finally knowing the baby's gender can be a strong incentive to keep going and to push through what could be a very long and difficult labor.

Other than being one of the best labor incentives, not knowing a baby's gender can also avoid awkward situations. As sure as some ultrasound technicians are when they share an unborn baby's gender, mistakes can happen. This can cause a great deal of emotions and inconveniences for a new couple including disappointment, unprepared arrangements and wasted money.

Mothers who are in favor of finding out the baby's gender before delivery are just as adamant about it being the right decision. They will tell any expecting women who will listen the endless advantages to knowing. Though most of the reasons are based on consumer needs and convenience. These moms will say that shopping for anything from clothes to paint colors is easier when you already know your baby's gender.

The new mom will not have to limit herself to the color green because it is gender neutral. Or settle for simple animals on clothing because they have to bypass all the flowers and fairies or airplanes and cowboys. Other than consumer convenience, finding out the baby's gender can make choosing names easier, help family and friends with gift purchases and even help to avoid any disappointment if the baby's gender is the same as the couples growing children.

Finding out a baby's gender can be a difficult decision and it is one that is best made between the expecting parents. It is ultimately up to them what they feel is the best plan for themselves and their growing family.

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Baby's Gender - Should You Find Out Before Hand?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02