Baby Gender Selection - Can You Successfully Chose Your Baby's Gender at Home?

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When many people think about baby gender selection, what they are really talking about is PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) in a fertility clinic. This is where the doctor or specialist determines the gender of the embryo before implanting it into the mother to be and then implants only the gender that the family desires. This method ensures, with nearly 100% accuracy, that you get the gender that you really want. Many couples who have fertility issues ultimately go with this procedure.

However, the price tag for this procedure can be very high for otherwise fertile couples who are able to get pregnant on their own. We are talking in the thousands of dollars range. I believe this is why I'm often asked if you can try the same thing, on your own, at home. The answer to this question is yes, but you'll need some tools and you'll need to understand exactly what you are tying to accomplish, which I will discuss in the following article.

Which Sperm Chromosome Will Produce The Baby Gender That You Want?: When the fertility specialists is determining which gender to implant, they are searching for the Y sperm chromosomes in order to produce a boy or son and are looking for the X sperm chromosomes in order to produce a girl.

Unfortunately, there is no way to actually examine these little guys the way that the medical professionals can, but you can make an educated guess by using what we do know about the differences between these two sperm chromosomes. For example, the Y or boy sperm is pretty short lived and is quite vulnerable in an environment with a high PH. However, the X or girl chromosomes live for much longer and can thrive in both a high and a low PH.

So, you can use these differences to your advantage even if you are not able to see them by using some tricks of the trade and by then controlling your timing and acidity when you try to conceive.

The Tools That You Will Need For At Home Gender Selection: I recommend three tools. First, you will want to find and get yourself the most accurate and reliable ovulation predictor that you can. I really like the saliva predictors, but whatever is easy for you to use with complete accuracy and reliability will be fine.

Next, you will want PH testing strips. This will tell you if you are alkaline (which makes you more likely to get a boy baby) or acidic (which makes a daughter more likely.) You can get these at health food stores, online, and I've even seen that at some progressive drug stores.

Finally, you will want a resource that lists the PH of most foods that you enjoy and eat regularly as well as douching recipes to make you more alkaline or more acidic, depending on your goal. (Note: vinegar and water are often too weak to do the job.)

What You Are Trying To Accomplish: Now that I've listed the tools, I'm going to tell you what you will be using them for. The ovulation predictor is important because you need a very firm handle on your ovulation date. If you are trying for a girl baby, you want to conceive well before ovulation. You do not want to have intercourse on or after ovulation day. If you are trying for a boy, you want to conceive late - after the egg has ripened and become ready for fertilization. Ovulation predictors are the easiest way to know this for sure. Saliva predictors are, in my opinion, the easiest to use for those that want a girl and need to sort of predict the future.

The PH testing strips come into play because they will tell you if you are acidic or alkaline. And then, once you begin to attempt to change your PH with either diet, douching, or both, you will know if you are heading in the right or wrong direction and you will know when you have reached high or low enough levels to accomplish your goal.

The food lists and douching recipes are simply for convenience so that you don't have to research each food that you want to eat. Some foods are decidedly acidic and some are alkaline and some are sort of in between. It's important to know the difference.

Intercourse positions can come into play also, but they are much less important than timing and PH. Still, it doesn't hurt to use them because this is easy, quick, and free to try.

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I've put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby's gender when getting pregnant. You'll find step by step instructions, resources for douche recipes and food pH lists, information on when to conceive, tips, support, and examples of ovulation predictors / pH testing strips.

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Baby Gender Selection - Can You Successfully Chose Your Baby's Gender at Home?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27