All you need to know about Baby Gender Prediction!

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Baby Gender Prediction has almost become a necessity for many couples today. With changing times and rising awareness, most couples wish to sort out an entire gamut of issues relating to pregnancy beforehand- one of them being gender prediction and selection. Initially, there did not exist a proper methodology for doing so. Techniques like amniocentesis were prevalent of course, but, not only did they prove expensive but also didn't guarantee a sure shot result. Additionally, the legal issues involved were quite another matter. However, the situation has completely changed today. An array of clinics has cropped up, claiming to use the best of methods for undertaking baby gender determination. Nonetheless, before one goes in for any such process, it is important to look for certain answers. Is the procedure safe? Why should one go for it? In fact, is it possible at all? Here is what one needs to know.

Why Baby Gender Prediction?

In most cases, people opt for gender prediction owing to either of the reasons mentioned below

  • Genetic Reasons- Genetic disorders are a dominant reason for people seeking the help of infertility doctors. Not only do they help revive one's powers of fertility but they also ensure that the baby does not have to bear the brunt of its parent's genetic diseases. Generally, the father's mutations are passed on to a girl child and the mother's mutations are inherited by a boy. By determining the baby's gender, one can opt for a foetus which is least likely to contract any inherited disease. This can reduce the passage of problems like infertility and diabetes from one generation to another
  • Infertile couple- When the couple is infertile, it seeks assistance from infertility doctors to conceive naturally or by artificial techniques. In either case, it becomes pivotal for them to have the baby of their choice as they may not stand a chance of conception ever again!
  • Family Pressures or preferences- Simply put, if the family already has a number of male children, the parents would prefer to welcome a female child in order to fill up the gap and maintain a balance

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All you need to know about Baby Gender Prediction!

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This article was published on 2010/11/02